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  • Payment is due at time of service​.

  • Please email your sides to us 24 hours before your session.

  • Please do your best to be on time. We will always do our best, but we may not be able to accommodate for lost time if there is a client immediately following your appointment. 

  • Please be mindful before entering, there will be a door tag that will alert you if there is a session in progress. If there is, please wait quietly in the hallway until that session is finished. 

  • Please arrive hair & makeup ready.

  • All tapes will be sent via WeTransfer. 

  • Depending on scheduling please allow up to 1-2 hours to receive your tape. Please let us know your audition deadline when booking a session.

  • You are responsible for uploading your tape to actors access/LA Casting as well as emailing your tape to your reps. 

  • You are welcome to tape multiple auditions during your session. Please make sure to book out the appropriate amount of time. 

  • We do not supply any costumes or props. 

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