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What You Get:

Professional reader

Full hd 1080p video & audio with studio lighting

Immediate playback

Editing of 1 take per scene

Delivery of your files via WeTransfer



/ 15 minutes

/ 30 minutes

/ 45 minutes

/ 60 minutes

Slate Shots

What's a SlateShot?

  • SlateShots are seven-second video clips showcasing who you are and help bring your headshot to life.

  • Each headshot can have its own SlateShot so you can match the tone and wardrobe of your photo. 

Slate shots are great for getting Casting's attention!


Pricing for Slate Shots is exactly the same as Self-Tapes, all you have to do is book a session with the amount of time you think you'll need to shoot.

Virtual Reader

Need help with a self-tape at home, but don't have a reader? No problem! Schedule A virtual session with us via Zoom or FaceTime. 

Only $1 per minute!

Package Deals

$125 $100

Purchase a Pack of 5 sessions and receive a discount of $5 off per session!

5 x (15 Minute Sessions) =

$200 $175

$275 $250

$350 $325

5 x (45 Minute Sessions) =

5 x (60 Minute Sessions) =

5 x (30 Minute Sessions) =

Additional Pricing

+ Early/After Hours:

  • Any appointment outside of regular business hours will incur a non-refundable off-hours surcharge of $15. To book an after-hours session please contact

Can't decide which of your awesome takes to choose? Additional edits available at $5 per take.

Hourly and daily Studio rental available upon

Need to print your sides? We got ya covered! $5 additional charge.

Got a zoom callback? Session bookings are available. Please be sure to book out additional time for any potential casting delays.

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